rumluck v.2 signing

Hey All, I'll be doing a short signing of my new book rumluck v.2 @ Empires Comics Vault here in Sacramento. 

Friday (4/27) 5-8 pm 

All pre-orders have been shipped and should make it your way soon. Thanks again for all your support and patience.


limited time shirt design available until 4/30 


  • available for the month of april

  • blk only

  • unisex / bella+canvas

  • tear-away label

rumluck v.2 update

Hey Everyone, I want to thank all of you for your continued patience and understanding while I get these all out to you. I'm working on interior sketches and a handful of rumluck commissions that still need to go out. I will try and get a good amount out by this coming week before I head out of town for C2E2. All orders should be all fulfilled and on there way in the next couple weeks. 

* no rumluck books/extras will be sold @ upcoming appearances until the preorders are all on there way, thanks again.

Any questions or concerns please contact me @

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Hainanu Saulque
Terry's Wild Years

Terry's Wild Years will be available for orders Friday 3/30 @ 10 am pst.

  • available for 24 hours
  • introductory price
  • limited edition of 100 (w/ dc comics permission)
  • orders entered to win a sketch of terry
  • price change after release (@ show appearances)


newsHainanu Saulque
Commission Request: Wonder-Con - C2E2

Hey All, 

Wonder-Con is upon us this coming week, unfortunately I won't be able to take pre-commissions before the show. I'm pretty backed up on my rumluck commissions at the moment, I should have them all done by this coming week. I will be taking commissions at wonder-con, so come early to put in your request, I only take a few a day. I'll be located in artist alley.

C2E2, I will able able to take a small amount of pre commissions at the moment, If you are attending put in your request here: 

* Be sure to use code "C2E2" upon check out to bypass shipping charges.

* Be sure to review rules before making your decision. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 3.19.52 PM.png

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eccc orders

Hey All, 

If you placed an order from ECCC this last weekend, your order will be on its way soon. Thanks for your support & patience. 

Any questions or concerns contact here

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rumluck update

Hey all, 

Thanks for all your patience and support. rumluck v.2 will be on its way out to all of you in march. All extras are here and ready to be shipped just waiting to get my hands on the books to start working on them. 

Those of you that got commission sketches w/ the book they will be shipped out separately and hoping to have them done and out before the book ships. If you have an address change please get it to me by the end of the month.

* note: no books or extras will be sold at upcoming events until pre-orders are fulfilled

Thanks again and if you have any questions or concerns contact me via email @

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newsHainanu SaulqueComment

Hey all, 

Thanks for the overwhelming support on my new book, its much appreciated. As of right now all sketch options are sold out.

But book preorders will still be up until the end of the week, including my exclusive add-ons the rumluck enamel pin & book of lies pocket notebooks. All orders close on friday (1/26) 

Side note: "Lake Minnetonka" will be released early February so keep and eye out for that as well.

- n 

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marvel print release / news

Hey all, Its been a busy holiday season, hope everyone is having a good one so far. Friday (12/1) @ 10am pst I will be releasing 2 marvel based prints for 24 hours (while supplies last). 

  • 3 O' Clock (Spiderman & Spider Gwen)
  • 73 'til infinity (Thanos) 

get em' here or chase me down on the road - speaking of, i will be attending the "heroes & villains fan fest" in the san jose area this coming weekend. you might be able to pick em up in person if you're attending.

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Top 10 Essential DC Gifts 2017

I am humbled to be listed among all these amazing creators for this years top 10 essential dc gifts of 2017. Special thanks to @dccomics & @dccollectibles.

If you would like to order "The Joker & Harley Quinn" Bookend set, all info is here: 

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Got a DC fan in your life? Then we're about to make your Black Friday a whole lot easier with our list of the Top 10 Essential DC Gifts of 2017. From must-have graphic novels to just-released action figures to detailed replicas from movies like Wonder Woman, it's enough to turn you into a hero...of holiday shopping!
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print release(s)

Hey all, 

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday.

I have 3 prints that will have a release for this coming holiday season, some of them were dropped on the holiday flask. This is the 2nd chance for those of you that missed them, just in time for Christmas, Each will be released for a 24 hour period, one at a time. First release will be on: 

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the end of the mystery flask

Hey all, 

Today ended my holiday event - mystery flask, Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support. I hope to make this an annual thing and try and make it bigger and better every year. I can't thank you all enough. I'll be working on commissions and sending them out over the next few weeks, should have them all done and out by the beginning of dec. I might even have a holiday print release soon as well, keep an eye out for it. 

Thanks again - have a happy & safe holiday season 

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mystery flask day 1

Hey All, today starts my 7-day holiday event where I drop some deals on commissions and special offers. Check back daily for new offers, they will change from day to day. Special thanks to you all that picked something up before I even had time to promote it. 

check back @ 10 am daily

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