Welcome to the Pack of Smokes Curio Bag

Below are redeemable items w/ your “curio tix” from your deck pulls


How it works:

  • pull curio card (only available in pos decks)

  • follow url leading here

  • tix redeem item listed on card (example below)

  • check out w/ code provided (code tethered to specific item only)

  • expiration date: code will no longer work after stated date (item re-issued via curio card)

  • ships within 3-7 days (subject to change based on prize/item)

  • prices of items based on rarity (not for actually purchase / redeem only)

  • purchased items will be canceled

  • flat shipping charges apply



Curio Bag:

  • all item(s) listed below are redeeming prizes for “curio tix” pulls via "Pack of Smokes” decks

  • not for sale / purchased items will be canceled