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Pack of smokes: SKETCH SERIES (new year release)

  • available jan 2019

  • smoke cards of original nooligan sketches

  • exclusive smoke card (tba)

  • original sketch cards & much more

  • 2019 new year release

Order below january 2019 (tba)

smoke cards / collectible trading cards

by nooligan

Pack of Smokes is a collectible trading card set of all my work from original designs like “union st. choir” characters to pop art such as “shot ya” & retro nooligan. These cards are all individually given numbers and kept track of how many have been put into circulation for collectibility.

you missed a limited edition print? this is that last chance to find it. New cards will be added periodically and some will be exclusive to events/shows, appearances, online orders/specific items, etc.

I’m excited to debut “pack of smokes” v1 & looking forward to sharing a pack with you all.


pack of smokes Specs:

  • 5x7 cards

  • 5 cards per pack

  • rare/super rare/specials cards

  • redeem tix below

Pack of Smokes v1: Checklist guide

PDF download (updated 11/1)


pack build %


nooligan original cards feature original designs & characters by nooligan - completely creator owned.

nooligan original


pop art cards are nooligan redesigns or interpretations of iconic characters / moments from comic, film, music, public figures, etc.

pop art


specials cards are 1/24 pull and are rare cards or redeemable tix for odds n’ ends such as limited edition prints, ssxhb apparel/pins, & much more.



rare cards are 2/24 pull and feature a number of both nooligan originals & pop art cards.

super rare cards are ?/? pull and feature original sketch cards, custom commissions, tix dc artists alley figures, and very rare nooligan/pop art cards.

Rare / Super Rare


  • EXCLUSIVE SMOKES can be pulled same as - Super rare



PACK of smokes tix Redeem:

Name *
current redeemable tix#
please provide "Pack of Smokes" tix # on the pack of the card

Questions or Concerns contact: