Commission Request


Show Pre-commissions: LACC 2019 (Friday 10/4 @ 10am pst)


Commissions from nooligan consists of an original one of a kind illustration of a pop culture character of your choice. There are a few commission options available to fit your request. 

* Note: This does not include commercial use commission pieces. Contact below for commercial illustrations.

* Note: You do not retain print rights to your commission unless discussed during development process.


  • must be attending said show

  • must pick up at @ said show

  • one request per-person / one character

  • only taking pop-art requests - no portraits

  • blank comic covers must be provided @ show (bring early)

  • list convention/character choice in notes upon check out

  • as always keep it classy


Original art requests from nooligan consist of

  • pencil

  • water-based marker

  • color pencil

  • ink

request selection:

limited amount available for each selection, I will be taking requests on site - prices are subject to change and availability is first come first serve. (CHECK out CODE: “LACC” to exclude shipping charges)

  • pre commissions are guaranteed a commission at said show

  • options will appear below when available

  • list character in notes upon check out

  • use code “LACC” upon check out to exclude shipping charges


questions or concerns contact