Q: Stay Updated?

A:  I am most active on instagram and forward info to everything else.

Q: Limited Edition Prints?

A: All prints are signed and numbered.

Q: Sold Out Online?

A: Small amount are offered online first then the rest are taken to shows/events.

Q: Art Drop?

A: Art drops are random and can happen at anytime, I will post on my network.

Q: DC Comics Prints?

A: w/ agreement & permission from DC Comics all prints are limited to 100 with no additional printings

Q: Large LTD Prints?

A: Only available @ shows

Q: Shipping?

A: Most items are shipped via tubes and take 3-7 days to process unless noted other wise

Q: Event Commissions?

A: I take a small amount of commissions @ shows - stop by early.

Q: Online Commissions?

A:  Are offered a few times a year more info about requests can be inquired about here

Q: ssxhb apparel & odds? 

A: Online exclusive not available @ shows/events - Now available @ www.ssxhb.co

Q: ssxhb - nooligan originals 

A: Online exclusive nooligan original designs offered every 1st of the month (changes monthly) now available @ www.ssxhb.co

Q: DC Gallery: Harley Quinn & The Joker bookends?

A: Available this coming holiday (Oct/Nov 2017) season - Available Now: More info Here

Q: DC Artists Alley: The Joker / Harley Quinn / Batman figures

A: Available 2018 (Summer Q4) - Available Now: More info Here

Q: DC Artists Alley: Nightwing Figures? 

A: Available 2018 (Summer Q4) - Available Now: More info Here

Q: Pack of smokes? 

A: nooligan collectible trading cards offered select times a year and @ shows/events - more info here

Q: Pack of smokes - editions? 

A: Specialized theme packs such as “holiday”, “sketch series”, etc. are offered a number of times a year w/ exclusive offers.

Q: other Pack of smokes info / Subscription info? 

A: More info here