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shadowbox (smiles) - smoke card #109

smoke card #109 - shadowbox (srare)

this smoke for me personally is very special, showing the very first drawing ive ever done of smiles from around 2012 and on the flip side my most recent version.


smiles has been by my side from 2012 to now, as somewhat of a mascot representing me and my work. he has done his job reaching people and now becoming a flag to locate me on show floors.

i am excited to not only re-introduce him to you soon @ and the rest of the gang - but give him the proper introduction he deserves.

i hope you guys are as excited to meet him again for the first time.

coming soon.


pack of smokes: heartbreak pieces

pack of smokes: heartbreak pieces

pack of smokes: union st. (street) choir

pack of smokes: union st. (street) choir

shipping now:

update: punchdrunk - upcoming travel / events

hey all,

quick update, all remaining books orders will be on the way soon (mostly likely tomorrow) - thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • those who didn’t put in a request for character sketch for the special edition will be getting dealers choice.

any questions or concerns please contact me @


upcoming travel/event:

newsHainanu Saulque
online release: cursed english poetry

cursed english poetry - official online release

(limited availability)

  • limited edition of 100 ct

  • orders entered for chance to win signed “john constantine” sketch smoke card

  • first 30 orders / exclusive smoke card #sk102: exclusive hellblazer (not available @ shows/events/decks pulls)

  • 8.75x17

  • Signed & Numbered

Tuesday 6/4 @ 10am pst



june releases available now @

update: punchdrunk

hey all,

quick update, a number of punchdrunk orders are on the way - the rest will be on the way this coming week due to my travel schedule. Thanks for your understanding and patience. 

- n

pack of smokes

hey all,

pack of smokes orders are going out this week (aside from a number of punchdrunk orders - shooting for all) here is what is included in the “nooligan originals” deck.

pack of smokes: nooligan originals


deck exclusives:

  • only released w/ the “nooligan originals” deck

  • not available in deck pulls after this release

  • now only available via “nooligan trade”

nooligan trade:

  • from now on i will hold specific smokes personally

  • such as the following + more to come

  • all smokes i hold will be available for trade for

  • 4 common / 2 rare / 1 super rare

  • will get you 1 of the exclusives i hold

  • 1 trade per person / per day

  • only available @ events or appearances

smiles & the choir:

  • #102 - canaryblu

  • #108 - after party

  • #109 - shadowbox

  • #113 - blueboy

  • #120 - stay lucky

  • #123 - cig n’ the sea


new smokes: nooligan originals (vid)


pack of smokes: trading post

  • smoke em if you got em

  • facebook group (request to join)

  • buy / sell / trade

update: punchdrunk / golden dragon

hey all,

quick update on current shipping status of punchdrunk & golden dragon


punchdrunk v1

  • shipping last week of may

  • small chance of first week of june - due to my travel schedule

  • questions or concerns contact @

golden dragon

  • shipping this week

  • delay due to secret exclusive smoke card - waiting on printer


Thank you all for your patience & understanding - i consider myself a masterful planner - yet it never works out how i plan.

no me without you,

wondercon 2019

hey all,

i’ll be finishing out this months show run with one of the very first conventions i attended as a fan & first show to accept me as an exhibiting artist. so wonder-con holds a special place for me personally.

excited to be heading out to Anaheim for this years show. I’ll be located in “artist alley”

artist alley / b-21

below are my wondercon 2019 debuts & exclusives for this years show:

stillmatic / ltd ed 300ct (wcon debut)

stillmatic / ltd ed 300ct (wcon debut)

pack of smokes chase / original sketches

pack of smokes chase / original sketches

pack of smokes / wcon exclusives

pack of smokes / wcon exclusives

c2e2 bound

hey all,

i will be heading out to chicago for this years c2e2 2019 - i will be located in “artist alley” - I look forward to seeing you all there.

artist alley - booth A-9

i will be offering a few new debuts & exclusives check them out below (vid):

cursed english poetry / ltd ed 100ct (dc print)

cursed english poetry / ltd ed 100ct (dc print)

pack of smokes / show exclusives

pack of smokes / show exclusives

c2e2 after hours / art auction original : grayson

c2e2 after hours / art auction original : grayson

more info below:

wondercon pre-commission

hey all,

pre-commissions open up for wondercon 2019 tomorrow - Friday (3/1) @ 10am pst. limited availability, more info below.

commission_icons copy.png

please review info @ 

upcoming show info:

  • eccc / main show floor - booth 1735

  • c2e2 / artists alley - a9

those of you that missed pre-commission requests, I will be taking commissions on site, stop by to get on my show lists. the earlier the better. looking forward to seeing you all.

eccc debuts & exclusives:

info will be released tomorrow after wondercon pre-commissions.

v/day special & pack of smokes news

Hey all,

In honor of v/day i will be releasing an online ( exclusive limited edition print of 50 ct w/ exclusive smoke card.

V/Day Special:

vday_releases copy.jpg

The next print release wont but until around april / may of this year. I will be debuting a number of prints via upcoming shows/events - which will be released through out the year for those of you not able to make it out.

  • excluding show exclusives

  • excluding online exclusives


Pack of Smokes: News

The next online release probably wont be until around the end of april/may - I will have limited amount smoke decks available @ shows/events.

Those of you that are members of the “smokes subscription” I will be getting those out every month starting this month w/ a number of exclusives & specials.

Updated Checklist Guide - Download Here

Smoke Deck - Build changes have been made for future pack releases, review here


Pack of Smokes: Trading Post

pre-commissions / dotd nightwing

hey all,

i will be opening up pre-commissions for the following upcoming events:

  • commission requests will be only be taken for 24 hrs on the following dates / review info & rules before making your selection here.

Day of the Dead Nightwing

  • exclusive available @ footlocker (store locations @ the moment)

  • possibly online coming soon (tba)


Hey all,

This coming Tuesday 1/22 @10am pst I will be releasing my first print of the new year -


(First Print Release of the New Year! - 24 hour release)

  • limited edition of 300 ct

  • orders entered for chance to win signed “original stan lee” sketch smoke card

  • exclusive stan lee smoke card (first 50 orders / not available @ shows/events/pack of smokes packs)

  • 8.75x17

  • Signed & Numbered

Order: Tuesday 1/22 @10am pst

happy new year!

hey all,

i hope you all had a great holiday season and happy new year. i have a lot planned for the upcoming year and excited to share some news.

slingshots & heartbreak (ssxhb)

has gone out on its own, ssxhb now has a new website and will independently carry all my original apparel designs. ssxhb will also house it own line called “everyday heartbreak” - check it out here. We are planning to have a number of new items and upcoming releases as we continue to explore new ideas and products.

“nooligan originals” will be my limited releases designs available month to month. check out what has been released this month plus all the other stuff we have been working on:


thanks as always for all your ongoing support and wish all you the best new year.


pack of smokes: stocking stuffers edition

hey all,

tomorrow - friday (12/7) @ 10am pst I will be releasing:


pack of smokes v.1 - stocking stuffers edition


pack of smokes v.1 - stocking stuffers edition

(holiday release - each order gets exclusive #004 pink nightmare - ralphie: christmas story - 1 card per-order)

  • limited availability

  • holiday packaging

  • 5x7 cards

  • 5 cards per pack

  • rare/super rare/specials cards

  • shipped separately from print/other orders

exclusive smoke card w/ pack of smokes: stocking stuffers edition

#004 - pink nightmare (1 card per-order)


info guide / smokes checklist @