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sdcc releases / online release date

hey all, 

sdcc 2018 starts today! here is what i have debuting at the show. 

located: small press against the back wall / Q-9


Online Release Date:

  • all sdcc releases will be available for those of you not attending following the end of the show sunday 7/22 @ 5pm pst
  • these will be available for 24 hrs only (while supplies last)
  • excluding THE BALLAD of MAUL (sdcc exclusive) 


  • The Ballad of Maul (SDCC Exclusive) 

    Limited Edition of 50 ct

  • Happy Hour

    Limited Edition of 300 ct

  • Got Chucks on

    Limited Edition of 300 ct

  • The Ballad of Maul 

    Limited Edition of 300 ct

  • Dynamic Duo Set (w/ dc permission) 

    Limited Edition of 100 ct


- n

sdcc pre-commissions

hey all, 


those of you attending SDCC this year, I will be taking a small amount of pre-commissions before this years show. put in your request tomorrow (6/29) 10 am pst @

please read the rules before making your request, as a side note i'll be releasing teasers soon on my limited edition releases for the upcoming event. 

any questions or concerns please contact