v/day special & pack of smokes news

Hey all,

In honor of v/day i will be releasing an online (nooligan.com) exclusive limited edition print of 50 ct w/ exclusive smoke card.

V/Day Special:

vday_releases copy.jpg

The next print release wont but until around april / may of this year. I will be debuting a number of prints via upcoming shows/events - which will be released through out the year for those of you not able to make it out.

  • excluding show exclusives

  • excluding online exclusives


Pack of Smokes: News

The next online release probably wont be until around the end of april/may - I will have limited amount smoke decks available @ shows/events.

Those of you that are members of the “smokes subscription” I will be getting those out every month starting this month w/ a number of exclusives & specials.

Updated Checklist Guide - Download Here

Smoke Deck - Build changes have been made for future pack releases, review here


Pack of Smokes: Trading Post