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wondercon 2019

hey all,

i’ll be finishing out this months show run with one of the very first conventions i attended as a fan & first show to accept me as an exhibiting artist. so wonder-con holds a special place for me personally.

excited to be heading out to Anaheim for this years show. I’ll be located in “artist alley”

artist alley / b-21

below are my wondercon 2019 debuts & exclusives for this years show:

stillmatic / ltd ed 300ct (wcon debut)

stillmatic / ltd ed 300ct (wcon debut)

pack of smokes chase / original sketches

pack of smokes chase / original sketches

pack of smokes / wcon exclusives

pack of smokes / wcon exclusives

wondercon pre-commission

hey all,

pre-commissions open up for wondercon 2019 tomorrow - Friday (3/1) @ 10am pst. limited availability, more info below.

commission_icons copy.png

please review info @ 

upcoming show info:

  • eccc / main show floor - booth 1735

  • c2e2 / artists alley - a9

those of you that missed pre-commission requests, I will be taking commissions on site, stop by to get on my show lists. the earlier the better. looking forward to seeing you all.

eccc debuts & exclusives:

info will be released tomorrow after wondercon pre-commissions.

v/day special & pack of smokes news

Hey all,

In honor of v/day i will be releasing an online ( exclusive limited edition print of 50 ct w/ exclusive smoke card.

V/Day Special:

vday_releases copy.jpg

The next print release wont but until around april / may of this year. I will be debuting a number of prints via upcoming shows/events - which will be released through out the year for those of you not able to make it out.

  • excluding show exclusives

  • excluding online exclusives


Pack of Smokes: News

The next online release probably wont be until around the end of april/may - I will have limited amount smoke decks available @ shows/events.

Those of you that are members of the “smokes subscription” I will be getting those out every month starting this month w/ a number of exclusives & specials.

Updated Checklist Guide - Download Here

Smoke Deck - Build changes have been made for future pack releases, review here


Pack of Smokes: Trading Post

pre-commissions / dotd nightwing

hey all,

i will be opening up pre-commissions for the following upcoming events:

  • commission requests will be only be taken for 24 hrs on the following dates / review info & rules before making your selection here.

Day of the Dead Nightwing

  • exclusive available @ footlocker (store locations @ the moment)

  • possibly online coming soon (tba)


Hey all,

This coming Tuesday 1/22 @10am pst I will be releasing my first print of the new year -


(First Print Release of the New Year! - 24 hour release)

  • limited edition of 300 ct

  • orders entered for chance to win signed “original stan lee” sketch smoke card

  • exclusive stan lee smoke card (first 50 orders / not available @ shows/events/pack of smokes packs)

  • 8.75x17

  • Signed & Numbered

Order: Tuesday 1/22 @10am pst

pack of smokes: stocking stuffers edition

hey all,

tomorrow - friday (12/7) @ 10am pst I will be releasing:


pack of smokes v.1 - stocking stuffers edition


pack of smokes v.1 - stocking stuffers edition

(holiday release - each order gets exclusive #004 pink nightmare - ralphie: christmas story - 1 card per-order)

  • limited availability

  • holiday packaging

  • 5x7 cards

  • 5 cards per pack

  • rare/super rare/specials cards

  • shipped separately from print/other orders

exclusive smoke card w/ pack of smokes: stocking stuffers edition

#004 - pink nightmare (1 card per-order)


info guide / smokes checklist @

eclipse nightwing @ dcon 2018

hey all,


dc collectibles presents:

eclipse nightwing

  • variant limited edition of 200ct

  • exclusive @ dcon 2018

  • original sketch card w/ every figure by nooligan

  • $100 / dc booth #1500

nooligan presents:

crooks curse (eclipse nightwing)

  • dcon exclusive limited edition of 50ct

  • exclusive @ dcon 2018

  • exclusive nightwing smoke card

  • $40 / nooligan booth #432

eclipse_night copy.png
thats all folks

hey all,

the holiday mystery flask is wrapping up today. I want to thank you all that showed your support by pick something up, I really appreciate all the overwhelming response to this years event & looking forward to next year.

more than half the orders have been shipped out already, the pack of smokes orders should be on the way this week and commissions are being worked on as we speak. they will be all out in time for christmas, as promised.

thanks again and have a safe and happy holiday season.


last 2 available items (while supplies last):

ssxhb / pack of smokes / mystery flask

Hey all,

Slingshots & Heartbreak presents November as the month of “REVENGE”

This months ssxhb releases:


  • limited time release through the month of November

  • shipped separately from other orders: ltd prints, pins, smokes, etc.


I can’t express how excited I am that everyone is digging the new “pack of smokes, I put a huge amount of work into them thank you all for the amazing support.

I look forward to what they will naturally evolve into and excited for upcoming releases such as “holiday mystery flask” & Christmas.

those that are new to pack of smokes check out the info guide and those of you that have already picked up some packs I have updated the checklist (pdf).

  • halloween orders on the way soon.



I’m excited for the 2nd annual (nov 6 - nov 13) “mystery flask, i’ll be sharing previews etc. in the next few days.

check out the info guide below

pack of smokes: halloween release

hey all,

in honor of halloween i’ll be releasing a small batch of “pack of smokes”, each order will receive one of the following smoke cards:

  • #64 - last rites (wednesday addams - rare)

  • #001 - no love (online exclusive - special)

  • limited availability

  • one smoke card per-order

  • pack of smokes info guide here

available halloween day (10/31) 10am pst

#64 - last rites (wednesday addams - rare)

#64 - last rites (wednesday addams - rare)

#001 - no love (online exclusive - special)

#001 - no love (online exclusive - special)

nycc 2018 releases

Tuesday (10/16) 10am pst will be the 24 hr releases of “sleepwalkers” & “once & future champ” / online debut of “pack of smokes” v.1  

* 50 first orders will get online exclusive smoke card #00 - “no mercy”


sleepwalker (Casey Jones & April)

sleepwalker (Casey Jones & April)

pack of smokes v.1 (collectible trading cards)  - limited availability  - pdf checklist  - info guide @

pack of smokes v.1 (collectible trading cards)

- limited availability

- pdf checklist

- info guide @

once & future champ (rocky)

once & future champ (rocky)

 contact for questions or concerns  



keystone / nycc pre-commissions

hey all, I regret to inform you all attending keystone this coming weekend that I won’t be able to make it out this year. a number unexpected issues arose aside from the potential weather conditions. I’ll will be making sure to make keystone a priority for next years events.

those of you that have confirmed for a pre-commission for keystone, they will be shipped out soon. thanks for your support and understanding.


pre-commissions for nycc 2018:


I will be taking a number of limited availibilty pre-commissions for the upcoming nycc this coming Friday. Be sure to review the rules before making your selection @

  •  open Friday (9/14) @ 10am pst

join short list here Friday: 

nycc 2018 pre-commissions 


24 hr print releases / pre-commissions

hey all, 

proud to release a limited run of "won't you be my neighbor?" in honor of mr. rogers. 

  • limited to 150 ct
  • 8.75 x 17
  • signed / numbered

the re-up

also releasing for the first time online:

  • baba yaga v.2 (catacomb edition) 
  • bambino & the cool v.2 (masked edition) 


I will be taking a limited availability of pre-commissions for the next 3 upcoming shows, I will be taking them on site as well, prices subject to change.

commissions open: friday (8/24) 10am pst 

  • review rules 
  • must pick up on site
  • bypass shipping fee using codes (DRAGON) (ROSE) (KEYSTONE)
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